What we do

Holman Distribution is a 152-year-old third-party logistics firm with headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, offering public and contract warehousing, manufacturing logistics, plant support, transportation, shuttle, collaborative logistics, and order-fulfillment services.

Holman’s public and contract warehousing clients vary in size from multiple pallets to well into the millions of square feet.  In total, Holman operates over 6 million square feet of warehousing space.

In addition, Holman performs manufacturing logistics for both CPG and durable goods clients, managing raw material inventories, material usage planning and delivery, quality control, lot control, and facilities maintenance.

Holman manages facilities in every corner of the USA, with multiple operations in 8 states, employing over 900 full-time and temporary positions.

Our transportation services comprise of truckload and LTL deliveries, and spotting and shuttle services.  Holman regularly pools LTL deliveries across customers to realize transportation savings.

Holman serves over 60+ customers in a wide variety of industries, including CPG, paper products, beverages, food packaging, pet foods, electronics, home appliances, heavy equipment, raw materials, among others. Holman’s key customers include: Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Kimberly-Clark, General Electric appliances, Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group, Dole Pineapple, Kerry Foods, Cargill, and Morton Salt.

The Holman Philosophy

Across all of Holman’s operations, from warehousing to manufacturing logistics and transportation two main philosophies are always present:

  • Long-term profit focus leads to long-term relationships

  • Excellence in service and adding value for customers

As a privately-held company we are not beholden to shareholders demanding quarter-by-quarter results.  This affords us the ability to both believe in and act on the idea that a long-term profit focus will lead to long-term customer relationships.  We choose to invest in our people, in our processes, and in our clients, even if it results in a short-term reduction in profits. 

Holman’s aim is to win a customer’s business and keep them as a client forever. The average length of our strategic customer relationships is over 34 years! We keep their business by providing the gold-standard in 3PL service. We know that your supply chain must add value to your product, and to your customer's experience. If we do our job well, we'll help to ensure your customers will want to do more business with you

Mission Statement

To be the recognized leader with the select customers we serve by providing flexible resources in the form of services, facilities, technologies, and people who enable our customers to succeed.

Statement of Company Commitment

We pledge to give every customer the professional and dependable service that distinguishes Holman Distribution from all other third-party logistics providers.

Therefore, it is our collective resolve to act in our customers’ best interest at all times.  We will strive to provide friendly, efficient service.  We will be flexible and innovative in providing services to meet our customers’ needs at a cost that is mutually beneficial.  We will continue to work as a team with a common goal to have a reputation as an organization of unquestionable integrity.

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