Holman Extraordinary Service Process: ESP

Service is an Intangible Asset

We don’t manufacture products. You can’t hold, touch, or taste what we provide, because what we offer is an intangible asset—a “service.” Our process produces accurate and consistent service much like leading manufacturing processes produce accurate and consistent products.

The Holman Extraordinary Service Process (ESP) requires discretionary effort from our Team Members. This process is simple to explain but difficult to execute, which is why few organizations can deliver Extraordinary Service on a consistent basis.

Holman Logistics warehousing

Our ESP Process

1. We hire for character first.
While experience and technical skills are important, we place a priority on hiring those whose characters align with our Core Values. Hiring for character first means that our personnel development plans—like employee engagement measurements, retention strategies, and leadership metrics—can have a better opportunity to be successful.

2. We train and develop Team Members with a never-ending focus on safety.
Our experience supports our belief that in order to provide Extraordinary Service we must consistently practice protocols designed keep our Team and everyone that enters the facilities in which we operate safe. “Safety Focus” is our most important Core Value.

3. We employ technology to reduce errors and simplify processes.
Our technology investments work together to increase speed, accuracy, and safety. The services we provide often include repetitive tasks. Statistically, the more repetition, the higher the probability of errors or accidents. To combat this tendency, we deploy state-of-the-art warehouse managements systems (WMS) and use Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) as an alternative to traditional lift telematics. We view technology not as a replacement for human talents but as an assistant to our Team Members, something that allows them to consistently provide Extraordinary Service.

4. We focus on our culture.
As a service organization, Holman is only as good as the people that make up our Team. Hiring the right people is crucial, but we must also build the right culture to nurture those people—one in which Team Members feel safe, empowered, and valued. The result is that Holman consistently out-performs industry service norms.

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