Holman Logistics was one of only six finalists for the Council of Supply Chain Management (CSCMP) Supply Chain Innovation Award™, presented at the 2021 EDGE conference in Atlanta.

The Supply Chain Innovation Award™ (SCIA) recognizes organizations that demonstrate innovation excellence and return on investment for a significant supply chain challenge. For 2021, the CSCMP received over 50 case study submissions from which the SCIA Evaluation Committee narrowed the list to six finalists. Finalists were judged virtually prior to the EDGE conference, and representatives from Holman and technology partner OneTrack AI also presented the study live at the conference.

With safety as a foundational Core Value, Holman maintains a goal of zero accidents in its warehouses. Intrigued by benefits AI was producing in the industry, executives initiated a partnership with OneTrack in 2019 because of their expertise in computer vision and deep learning, also known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The resulting study, “From Science Fiction to Practical Implementation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Boosts Safety in the Warehouse,” discusses how adoption of AI technology helped reduce warehouse safety incidents in nearly every category in fewer than three months, while allowing improved coaching of forklift drivers.

Our Core Values set the foundation for the work we do, and we have no more important Core Value than safety. We constantly seek technology, training, and other innovative resources to help us maintain our superior safety performance,” commented Brien Downie, president of Holman Logistics.

Holman and OneTrack initially began working together at Holman multi-client warehouses. Utilizing the new technology, Holman quickly achieved improvements in forklift safety and productivity that outperformed the existing, non-AI-based, legacy telemetry system, and as a result, the company began using the new AI system at customer locations.

Downie concluded, “I am confident that these innovative AI tools, along with our never-ending Safety Focus, are helping us move steadily closer to our goal of completely accident-free operations.”

To learn more about how Holman uses technology and to download the complete case study, go to holmanusa.com/technology.

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