Winter/Spring 2021 & 2022

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Brien’s Desk

People before processes — Holman dedicated to putting people first

Holman Looks Forward to Continuing to Lead the 3PL Industry in 2022

As COVID retreats, Holman is poised for growth, and people make the difference.


Anniversaries a chance for reflection and humor. Celebrating those with at least one year of service

Celebrating Team Anniversaries

Holman honors the anniversaries of Team Members who have helped us successfully face every challenge throughout the years. Those who are celebrating 15 or more years share favorite moments.

Safety Focus

A look at the progress the Holman Team is making towards Safety goals

The Holman Team Expands its Commitment to Safety in 2021 and 2022

New Safety programs expand and help the Holman Team continue its outstanding Safety record and move forward toward important Safety goals.

Focus on Our Teams

Featuring Holman Teams across the Kimberly-Clark network

A Look Inside Dupont, Conway, Maumelle, and Arkansas Transportation

The Teams serving Kimberly-Clark, the oldest Holman-run manufacturing logistics and distribution account, focus on collaboration to provide Extraordinary Service

Our Core Values

The Holman Team expressing its Core Values

Our Core Values Shine Through Everyday

The Holman Team enjoys serving and strengthening their teammates, workplaces, and communities.

B2 Program

Program details and recent winners

Team Members Participate in B2 Program

Started in 2021, the B2 Program provides Team Members the opportunity to offer suggestions to improve safety and efficiency.

Brien’s Desk

The Future is Our People

Holman entered its 158th year of continuous operations in 2022, and I believe our best days are ahead. I also believe there is nothing more important to our continued success than our people.

In March and April, our senior leaders got together for strategic planning sessions that focused on the question, “How do we grow without losing the soul of who we are?”

Holman is a people and process company, and people come before process; therefore, our growth must be rooted in the investment in our people first. Creating a plan that identifies, recruits, trains, engages, and retains our people is priority.

#1. Most often, a business organization chart is depicted like a mountain (Fig. 1) where there are a lot of people on the bottom who support a smaller group of people on the levels above them, who are themselves supporting an even smaller group of people above them, until finally the topmost peak of the org-chart rolls into one person, typically a president or CEO.

This type of layout leads to the thinking that everyone works for the person on the top and that the person on the top is the most important. If we look at this idea in terms of a mountain, we recognize or understand mountains based on their height rather than how large their base is. More people know the name of the mountain with the highest peak in the world (Mt. Everest) than people who know what mountain is the largest by volume (Canada’s Mt. Logan, and yes, I did just have to look that up).

On the other hand, I think of our Team structure more like that of a tree (Fig. 2). Rather than seeing everything as building up to the peak, the Holman “Org-Tree” puts our Team Members at the top and places my position rightfully at the bottom – because its purpose is to support the rest of the tree. We are here to serve one another first, and the responsibility to live that out each day at Holman starts with me. It’s only in serving one another well that we can collectively deliver an Extraordinary Service Experience to our customers, whether it’s making sure that families have diapers (Huggies), pets have their prescription diets (Hill’s), or that people can keep their food fresh and their clothes clean (GE Appliances), to name a few examples.

Also in March, the first Human Resources Summit occurred here in Washington and included HR Team Members from across our network. The group came together to learn from one another about how to serve our Team Members in more efficient ways and to meet with our benefits providers to discuss how to better connect our people with the benefits we have available.

I love our company, and I love our people, and I am honored to work alongside a group of HR professionals that are committed to our Core Values and to serving our Team Members.

We are a special Team here at Holman, and we are passionate about putting our Core Values into action. One of those values is “We Help Each Other To Be Better,” and a great way to do that is to participate in the B2 Program. The purpose of this program is to give Team Members a way to contribute their ideas about how we can Be Better. To date, we have received almost 60 ideas from Team Members across the company.

I encourage everyone to participate and keep your ideas coming! Some of the best submissions we have received are ideas that really help us to continue living out our Safety Focus (incidentally our #1 Core Value). One of my favorites was a submission about dome-mirrors at intersections. You can’t avoid what you can’t see, and implementing dome mirrors could help us avoid accidents! I would also like to call out Catherine Rogers, our HR Coordinator at our Jacksonville, FL facility, for several fantastic submissions about better ways to recruit new members to the Holman Team.

In a world that’s increasingly focused on reducing human interaction (i.e., working remotely, omnipresent masking, robots in the warehouse, etc.) Holman stays, and will continue to stay, committed to our people and to our shared humanity. Thank you for being a part of the Team!
The HR Team toured the Public Warehouse facilities at the HR Summit. Back row: Terri Toney, Regina Dance, Teresa Booth, Vanessa Morris, Amy Peterson, Darlene Daffron, DO Jeremy Thompson. Front row: Toni Blue, HR Director Joan Book, Nancy Hardin, Catherine Rogers, Samantha Poplasky.


A Message from Brien

When people join the Holman organization, they learn that Holman is more than a Team – it is a family. It is a privilege to honor Team Members who have recently celebrated their first year with Holman. We also applaud those who’ve been with us 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years! In this issue, we recognize Team Members with anniversaries from October 2021 through March 2022. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

25 years

The most significant memory was moving to our new warehouse and how other sites came to help us. No one had a title; we just worked together to get it done. We probably moved 800 truckloads in a weekend! The people I work with are great.

Jeannie M. Hildreth

Jacksonville DC
About five years after working at Holman, I was able to buy my first house. This company’s stability was the reason I was able to. I’ve been with Holman for 25+ years now, and Holman continues to grow and improve. I look forward to the next 20 years!!!

Charles B. Chrnalogar

Auburn Public WH
Learning how to load containers was challenging. When I started, we had to load containers using a map. When I got good enough to not need a map anymore, I was glad. I like the environment, the workers, and the management. I want to be here another 25 years!

Jeannie M. Hildreth

Jacksonville DC
Twenty-five years ago, I took a wrong turn past the Holman offices. When I found them, I stopped in to drop off my resume and was greeted by Mr. Bob Downie. After a brief conversation, he asked when I could start. I said, “Monday of next week.” He shook my hand and said, “See you tomorrow.”

Paul Santamauro

Kent Public WH

20 years

I used to be afraid of loading customer orders and unloading rail cars. I overcame these struggles by continuing to do them daily and seeking advice from veteran operators at Holman.

Eric Pettit

Auburn DC
The things I like most about working for Holman are that the hours are steady and I know I have work to support my family.

Perrilee T. Edwards

Perryville DC
Over the past 20 years working at Holman, I have made so many friends that I would consider family. When it gets tough, we work together to get the job done, and we have each other’s backs.

Dane C. Moore II

Perryville DC

15 years

One of the best memories is when my son started working here eight years ago. It made me happy he started here at Holman. I love working with my son.

Adnan Selimovic

Jacksonville DC
My motto is ‘If you aim for nothing, you hit nothing.’ Working at Holman lets me hit my goals.

Guy W. McFadden

Atlanta DC
The people at Holman are like family. Recoup is a daily mystery, but I always enjoy a challenge

Raymond A. Leduc

Jacksonville DC
In spring 2006, I began with Holman as a temporary worker with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Not long after, Steve Stewart took a chance and hired me as a full time employee. I continue to roam the high-rise aisles of Kent 2 to this day

Raymond S. Irish

Kent Public WH
I started with Holman in 2007. I learned to handle challenges by asking questions and working with my Team. I had support in my pursuit of new opportunities. My GM, Ron Ortolona, has built a great Team, and I am thankful for his mentorship.

Robert K. Majors

Perryville DC
After working for Holman for so many years, the Team Members have become extended family to me.

Brenda Hebert

Maumelle Plant

10 years

Jeffery Moles
Richmond Trans
Elijah Walker
Maumelle Plant
Rick Angleton
Mid-South DC
Donna Glasper
Mid-South DC
Luis Vallecillos
Emporia DC
Aurtha H. Sykes Jr.
Atlanta DC

5 years

  • Lee Satele 10/1/2016
  • Richard Sellers 10/1/2016
  • Tarveo Jackson 10/1/2016
  • Ziang Wang 10/1/2016
  • Alexander Whigham 10/3/2016
  • Stephen Hall 10/3/2016
  • Richard Hertel 10/16/2016
  • Matthew J. Abercrombie 11/1/2016
  • Byron Johnson 11/16/2016
  • Charles R. Clark Jr. 11/28/2016
  • Bradley Wooldridge 12/16/2016
  • Anitra Reed 1/1/2017
  • Kyheem D. Cofield 1/16/2017
  • Debra Tarin 1/30/2017
  • Jesse Rawls 2/1/2017
  • Jose Azcunaga 2/1/2017
  • Erica Harrison 2/16/2017
  • Mark W. Reck 3/1/2017
  • Walter L. Sims Jr. 3/16/2017
  • Carlton Cogdell 3/20/2017
  • Robert Gains 3/28/2017

1 years

  • Justin Curtis 10/7/2020
  • Chad Otnes 10/12/2020
  • Antonio P. Bradshaw 10/18/2020
  • James V. Smith 10/18/2020
  • Joseph A. Dodge 10/18/2020
  • Christopher W. Conner 10/19/2020
  • Shawn Jones 10/19/2020
  • Melissa B. Hunt 10/20/2020
  • Alexander P. Martin 10/26/2020
  • Kalvin Debrum 10/26/2020
  • Manuel A. Celaya Ornelas 10/26/2020
  • Jessica S. Thomas 11/8/2020
  • Stanley Padilla 11/10/2020
  • Alexandra Norfleet 11/15/2020
  • Kristy M. Cox 11/15/2020
  • Savannah N. Fulford 11/15/2020
  • James Mull 11/16/2020
  • Matthew A. Jackson 11/16/2020
  • Desiree Lesser 11/17/2020
  • Joe D. Lopez Sr. 11/22/2020
  • Courtney Shepherd 11/23/2020
  • Latoya M. Jones 11/23/2020
  • Andrew Faulconer 12/6/2020
  • Jose M. Ortega 12/7/2020
  • Rachel N. Ray-Mercier 12/7/2020
  • Dung Huynh 12/8/2020
  • Antonio W. Bowers 12/9/2020
  • Clyde W. Slater III 12/13/2020
  • Alexis K. Ortiz 12/14/2020
  • Jacob Krause 12/14/2020
  • Jonathan S. Munoz 12/14/2020
  • Richard D. Pitts 12/14/2020
  • Cheryl E. Waldroop 12/15/2020
  • Ashley Cain 12/21/2020
  • Kristi N. Jordan 12/27/2020
  • Anna M. Knight 1/10/2021
  • Alan Young 1/11/2021
  • Alejandro Correa 1/11/2021
  • Jordan Blalock 1/11/2021
  • Christian O. Rodriguez Alicea Sr. 1/24/2021
  • Dion Stratton 1/25/2021
  • Joshua Lewis 1/25/2021
  • Luther Vives 1/25/2021
  • Homer Darkis 1/31/2021
  • Andrew S. Tillotson 2/1/2021
  • Logan A. Roach 2/1/2021
  • Michael L. Johnson 2/1/2021
  • Terry Justice 2/1/2021
  • Christian Evans 2/8/2021
  • Corey D. Hull 2/8/2021
  • Gabriel Dominique 2/8/2021
  • Hector J. Gutierrez 2/8/2021
  • Aidan S. James 2/9/2021
  • Aaron N. Boudrie 2/11/2021
  • Catherine Rogers 2/15/2021
  • Elva Villalobos De Martinez 2/15/2021
  • Justin E. Waldrop 3/1/2021
  • Justin T. McClain 3/1/2021
  • Leon Brooks 3/7/2021
  • Marquis D. Williams 3/7/2021
  • Roy L. Savage 3/7/2021
  • Adolfo N. Ahumada 3/8/2021
  • Kailee M. Phillips 3/8/2021
  • Logan T. Rix 3/8/2021
  • Timothy L. Steele 3/8/2021
  • Christopher L. Hughes 3/15/2021
  • Emily M. Cooper 3/15/2021
  • Nathan Conner 3/15/2021
  • Shane L. Wright 3/15/2021
  • Andrew T. Blasch 3/21/2021
  • Ben W. Carlan 3/22/2021
  • Cynthia A. Thomas 3/22/2021
  • Christi Bradshaw 3/29/2021
  • Brian Stewart 3/29/2021
  • Elkin W. Alvarez 3/29/2021
  • Brandon R. Waye 3/29/2021
  • Tou Hang 3/29/2021

Safety Focus

Matt Ireland Director of Environmental Health & Safety

Moving Forward Toward our Safety Goals

The Importance of Being ‘Smooth’

In military communities, there is a saying (I think it started with the Navy SEALS) – “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” But what does that MEAN?

It means that when we perform our tasks slowly and purposefully, we get it done safely and correctly the first time – and when we complete a task safely and correctly the first time, that was the fastest way to do it! We can do our jobs faster when we take the extra time on those little things that are necessary to do the task correctly. Our Core Value of Safety Focus is embodied in the “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” concept.

And the opposite of “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”? Shortcuts. When we make a decision to bypass the proper and established method to complete a task, we are taking unnecessary risks – risks that can eventually get someone hurt.

Shortcuts can be something as simple as glancing at our mirrors instead of turning in the seat to look in the direction of travel when we drive in reverse, or as complex as willingly bypassing a step in the Lock-out/Tag-out procedure. Shortcuts = risks, and the more risks we take, the greater the chance that someone is in harm’s way. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!

Adrian Haro (right) receives his OSHA 30 Hour General Industry certification from Hill’s Ontario GM Sal Haro.
Matthew Kautai (left), 2nd Shift Supervisor (Jacksonville), being presented the Behavioral Observation Safety Award from Aubrey Crockett (right), Weekend Shift Team Member.
Team Member Joshua McLynne (Auburn) and General Manager Paul Santamauro. Joshua was awarded a 2nd place prize for Behavior Observations for December 2021.

Safety Suggestions

I would like to remind everyone that we have numerous ways to make safety suggestions. The most common way that people make safety suggestions is verbally to their local Leadership Team. Sometimes, however, people have safety suggestions that they feel could benefit the entire company, and the B2 program is a good way to get your idea out. You can also use the electronic form provided: All safety suggestions can also be anonymous, of course. When an electronic safety suggestion is submitted, the request gets reviewed by me personally, and then I forward it to the appropriate Team Members for follow-up.

We have had some excellent safety suggestions over the past year, including the new forklift perimeter lighting system featured currently in use at our Ontario location! As you can see from the photos below, the system will be an outstanding way to illustrate visually the safety perimeter around these lifts. It will allow Team Members working near lifts to quickly see if they are straying into a potentially unsafe area. I’d like to encourage everyone to use the safety suggestion process. When we discover things that have the potential to cause us harm, we need to act quickly. Submitting a safety suggestion is an excellent way to do that and help move forward on our safety goals.
The Team at Ontario tests a new perimeter lighting system suggested by Team Member Rudy Leyva. The system creates a lighted “bubble” around the lift, giving Team Members a visual cue to determine a “safe zone.”

Focus on Our Teams

As the oldest account in the Holman portfolio, Kimberly-Clark means a lot to the Holman Team. Holman began servicing Scott Paper in 1967, continuing after the firm was purchased by Kimberly-Clark in 1995, up through today—55 years total and 27 years with Kimberly-Clark. For Steve Stewart, Director of Operations overseeing the Team servicing KC, it’s about collaboration in the name of stellar performance.

“Between our Conway, AR Regional Distribution Center and our DuPont, WA Regional Distribution Center, we’ve been number one and number two in key performance indicators across the KC network for 12 years,” Stewart notes proudly. He adds that meeting and exceeding goals for damage reduction, inventory accuracy, and loading on time result from a willingness to go above and beyond.

The Holman KC Team includes 386 total associates across 1.8 million square feet consisting of two RDCs, one manufacturing plant, and one trucking operation.

“All four Teams know what they’re doing, they stay on top of things, and they are responsive,” Stewart says. “And, we all work together well. Right now, for example, the DuPont site is working hard to handle an increase with inbounds loads, so Conway RDC is sending three clamp operators to DuPont to help manage the increased activity and to keep the yard in great shape.” This all-hands-on-deck approach is helping Holman succeed despite labor shortage issues across the U.S. as well as at the KC locations.

Steve Stewart
Director of Operations
Lift driver Michael Cooper prepares to stack items at the Maumelle plant.
All Holman-run Kimberly-Clark facilities now use the OneTrack.AI system. Lift-mounted cameras combined with machine learning technology to track and record safety incidents. Management can review incidents and then work with drivers to improve safety through additional coaching and training
Team Members and KC customers participated in a holiday dinner at Conway. On the left, Kim Odem (KC) and Adrian Conley, and on the right Krista Mauldin (KC) and Trever Sigrist.
Lift Driver Nick Platt parks carefully at the Maumelle facility
Maumelle Team Member Jacob Harrison works at the packaging machine.

Inside Dupont

Kirk Hampton
General Manager

Brought on board for his expertise in startups, closures, and shutdowns of DCs, Kirk Hampton, general manager at DuPont, has been instrumental
in handling a number of new challenges since joining Holman in early March 2020. Overseeing the closure of the previous DC in Kent and opening the new 750,000-square-foot Dupont location with the need to find a significant number of new Team Members was a challenge. Then COVID arrived.

Fast forward two years, and DuPont—a 24/7 facility with roughly 75 Team Members distributing toilet paper, paper towels, hygiene products, and diapers in the Pacific Northwest and Canada—has frequently been ranked number one for combined KPI’s (safety, quality, delivery times, and costs) in the Kimberly-Clark network.

“Our strength comes from unity,” says Hampton. “Everybody is cross-trained in every department. We are flexible and versatile.” A deep bench of experience also helps. Hampton singles out long-term Team Members like Walt Olsen, a supervisor who has been with Holman for 42 years, and 15-year veteran trainer David Williams.

The clamp-based facility uses a fleet of 22 electric forklifts on an opportunity charging system. “Instead of waiting until battery power is pretty much out, you can charge 5% or 10% while you’re on break or at lunch,” Hampton explains. This counterintuitive system puzzles people who are new to it, he adds. “People say, ‘Um, you want me to charge it just a little bit? That’s OK?’”

The exterior of the new DuPont facility
Racking in the Dupont facility with pallets stacked above and product below.
Lynn Sponer (KC), Joan Book (Holman Logistics Director of HR), and Todd Ake (KC) help serve a holiday dinner at the Maumelle facility

The fleet is also equipped with the OneTrack.AI system, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to boost forklift safety. The system uses a 360-degree camera combined with onboard AI-based algorithms to offer real-time monitoring to improve service standards and reduce the potential for hazards or impacts. Hampton says it helps the Team in support of the Core Value to “Be Safe.” “We can see what happened during an incident and find out if we need to provide more education or training to support our drivers. The system’s ability to provide feedback on maintenance is also a bonus,” he says.

The most unique thing about the DuPont facility, however, is that the building abuts the Lewis-McChord military base. Watching— and hearing—military aircraft fly overhead is a common activity for Team Members. “It’s pretty cool,” says Hampton.

Team Member and lift driver Stan Padilla safely moves pallets of product in the DuPont facility

Inside Conway

Known as “Mid-South,” the Conway RDC is a bustling 24/7 operation, encompassing one 200,000-square-foot building and one 550,000-square-foot building staffed by about 70 total Team Members.

Holman started in both facilities in August of 2014. In addition, explains General Manager Rick Angleton, “We also support the Maumelle, AR manufacturing site. Everything they make gets shipped to us.” Of the Mid-South total volume—about 7 to 8 million cases, or over 1,000 truckloads per month — the majority of shipments are sent to downstream KC facilities in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and New York.

Additionally, shipments are also directed to customers such as Walmart, Dollar General, and Family Dollar.

Like DuPont, this high-achieving location is consistently ranked number one or number two on KPI’s in the KC network, and Mid-South also recently hit a five-year safety milestone of having no recordable injuries—which the Team celebrated with a catered luncheon.

Rick Angleton
General Manager
Members of the Conway Team participated with KC customers in group safety training. Left to right--Jay Shea (KC), Margie Hall, Terry Moody, Matt Ireland, Diane Firestone (KC), Trever Sigrist.
The Team at Mid-South uses a lift like this to move freight around the facility. Several of these lifts will soon be replaced by three-wheeled lifts with smaller turning radius that will help the facility gain additional space.

The group’s effectiveness should continue to increase thanks to equipment updates like the new racking system, which brings about a 25% increase in storage space. The Conway RDC is also getting a new fleet of 27 three-wheel forklifts. Due to the shorter turning radius of these lifts, “We’re able to put our aisles closer together to gain floor and storage space,” Angleton explains.

A Team Member at the Maumelle facility transports a load of Huggies.
During the pandemic, stations at the Conway location were outfitted with plexiglass barriers to allow Team Members to work safely.
Team Member Brenda Hebert helps ensure that the facility is kept clean and safe.

Since August of 2006, the KC Conway operations included a manufacturing plant in another part of the city that produced feminine personal hygiene and adult-care products, headed by General Manager Adrian “AC” Conley. KC closed the facility in December of last year. “We did a lot of great work,” says Conley, who has been working in a business development role for Holman and has recently been asked to lead the Maumelle Plant “Our damage rate was probably the best in the network.”

The closure came as a result of corporate restructuring by Kimberly-Clark. “It was a shock,” Conley recalls, “but everyone understood that it wasn’t a reflection on the Team’s performance.” Many Team Members found opportunities within existing Holman Arkansas facilities. Others took advantage of training or tuition assistance programs offered by Kimberly-Clark.

Former Conway plant General Manager Adrian Conley presents a safety coin award to Team Member Brian Kessler.
Matt Ireland, Chris Tyler, and Adrian Conley model their fancy safety glasses at the manufacturing facility in Conway.

Inside Maumelle

Adrian Conley
General Manager

The Maumelle facility closed out its best year ever in 2021 with a core leadership group that has over 15 years’ experience. Adding to that experience is new General Manager Adrian Conley, who is transferring from the closed Conway plant. “I’m excited to be working with this great Team at Maumelle,” says Conley.

“We finished last year strong, and I’m positive 2022 will see even more improvement.” Totaling roughly 700,000 square feet, the Maumelle campus includes the main production facility, at 505,000 square feet, as well as a 125,000-square-foot raw materials warehouse and two overflow buildings totaling about 75,000 square feet. The 24-hour facility has been manufacturing Huggies baby wipes for 18 years.

With a Team of about 200 full-time and 20-40 temp Team Members, Maumelle ships roughly 85% of loads to the Mid-South facility, with the remainder split between other DCs, direct customer loads, and outbound loads to Mexico. The location also does rework. “We bring products with defects back in, strip them down, then redo and repackage them, which helps reduce waste,” Conley explains. Like Dupont, the Maumelle location also utilizes the OneTrack system.

Deployed on roughly 95% of the facility’s forklifts, “It is a big win for safety,” says Conley. To keep up a fun, motivational atmosphere, supervisors pick a top performer each month for a Team Member-of-themonth award and $50 gift card. In addition, if Kimberly-Clark singles out individuals who have gone above and beyond, KC gives out additional $25 recognition cards.

At the Maumelle plant, boxes must be sorted and readied to be filled with product. Team Member Richard Crisy gets the job done efficiently
Team Member Terje Stoneman ensures that orders are properly handled in the KC system.
The lift driven by Team Member Homer Darkis is set up with the OneTrack AI system that monitors all types of driver and lift behaviors in order to provide data that the Holman management Team uses to improve safety at the plant.

Inside Arkansas Transportation

It’s a straight shot on I-40 for 17 miles between the Maumelle plant and the Conway RDC—a route that the drivers managed by Randy Gurley know well. On a 24-hour cycle, the drivers make roughly 30 roundtrips, hauling Huggies wipes from Maumelle to Mid-South for warehousing and distribution.

The transportation fleet includes yard hostler trucks at both MidSouth and Maumelle, three shuttle trucks for daily runs between the facilities, and “one do-all truck, which we can use either as a shuttle or in the yard,” Gurley explains.

A crucial link between the two Arkansas Kimberly-Clark locations, the drivers have a great attitude, says Gurley, which he credits for the Team’s success. “We don’t have much turnover. We have pretty much the same drivers that we’ve had since I’ve been here the last three years,” he says.

A driver of the month recognition, which includes a gift card award, is a nice incentive, but Gurley says the family-like atmosphere at Holman makes the difference. “We try to handle everything like we’re a family. If a driver has an emergency and needs to take off, we just work it out.”

Randy Gurley
General Manager
David Dixon (left, Daytime Supervisor) and Randy Gurley (right, General Manager) stand next to part of the Holman transportation fleet in Arkansas.
One of the yard hostler trucks used for moving loads around the yard at the facilities in Mid-South.
A shuttle truck (left) used for daily runs between facilities and the yard truck sit side-by-side. This combination of vehicles helps the Arkansas Transportation Team manage the movement of Kimberly-Clark products between the Maumelle Plant and the Mid-South DC.

Our Core Values

We Focus on Operational Safety
We Help Each Other to Be Better
We Show Respect to All
We Serve Others
We Deliver an Extraordinary Service Experience

The Holman Team continually demonstrates commitment to living the Holman Core Values. Even during this extremely challenging year, Team Members have stepped up to Focus on Operational Safety, to help one another to Be Better, to Show Respect to everyone, to Serve Others in their communities, and to Deliver an Extraordinary Service Experience to Holman customers every day.

HR team-building event at Tacoma Glass Blowing Studio.
The Holman HR Team. Standing, left to right: Vickie Fasoli, Teresa Booth, Samantha Poplasky, Darlene Daffron, Amy Peterson, Regina Dance, Terri Toney, Catherine Rogers, Nancy Hardin. Seated: Vanessa Morris, HR Director Joan Book, Toni Blue.

B2 Program - We Help Each Other to Be Better

You are experts at what you do! In the B2 Program, we ask you to let us know how Holman can help YOU be better. Your great idea could be worth up to $1,000.

Yearly $1,000 winner Jeremy Barbour (Jacksonville) suggested safety mirrors at the end of each aisle to allow lift drivers and others to see around corners. Bob Gains, Jacksonville GM commented, “His suggestion to improve safety speaks to his focus and caring for his teammates.”

Recent B2 $100 winners (drawn at random) include Andrew Faulconer (Dupont), Alan Sweatman (Commerce), Catherine Rogers (Jacksonville), Pamela Howington (Commerce), and Jeronimo Jacobo (Ontario).

To submit a suggestion, go to or send an email suggestion to You can also request a paper submission form from your supervisor.

Above left: Jacksonville Team Member Jeremy Barbour (center) accepts his B2 award from 1st Shift Leader Burnill Jones (left) and Operations Manager Glenn Triviets (right). Above right: Previous winner Michelle Gray from Conway was one of the first to submit a savings suggestion in the B2 program.
Jacksonville Team Member Catherine Rogers (center) was a $100 winner for her suggestion to move to electric spotter trucks. She is pictured with Burnill Jones (left) and Glenn Triviets (right).