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**Pictured above from left to right: Commerce, Georgia People Support Representative Tonya Jones, Commerce General Manager Ed Weatherman, and Holman Director of People Support Christina Horton.

A Great Past Leads to a Great Future

President Brien Downie reviews the highlights of 2023 and explains the exciting changes happening at Holman in 2024.

Team Anniversaries

We love celebrating our Team Members! Let’s congratulate those who’ve made Holman their Team.

New Frederickson Location

Learn about the exciting move to the brand new state-of-the-art facility in Frederickson/Spanaway, Washington.

Safety Progress in 2023

Our Teams made great strides in advancing safety excellence in 2023, and we are ready to do even better in 2024.


Brien Downie, President

A Great Past Leads to a Great Future

A Look Back at 2023 – Another Year of Outstanding Achievements
I sincerely thank our entire Holman Team for a fantastic 2023. Your commitment to our Core Values—Safety Focus, Show Respect, Serve Others, Be Better, and Extraordinary Service—drives our success. To those who’ve been with us for a long time, thank you! If you’re new to Holman, we’re excited to welcome you! Whether you drive a lift truck, a semi-truck, a sweeper/scrubber, or work at a computer, each person is an essential member of the Holman family.

2023 Milestones in Review

Farewell Kent, Hello Frederickson
Last year, we bid farewell to our Kent warehouse buildings K1 and K2, which opened in 1978 and 1985, respectively. This move required immense coordination and effort from every level of our Team. Hats off to Jeremy Thompson, Paul Santamauro, Anthony Confredo, Destynee Shipp, Eric Thompson, Mike Howard, and many others for helping the move run smoothly. This relocation wasn’t just a logistical challenge but a transition to a new era, paving the way for significant growth opportunities for Holman. Please take time to read all the details later in the newsletter.

Welcome to Our New Customer, Westrock Coffee
Our continued growth in Maumelle, Arkansas has been a cornerstone of our business strategy, with a new partnership with Westrock Coffee exemplifying our commitment to growth and excellence. To help service the new Westrock account, we are excited to have Adrian “AC” Conley as General Manager of the distribution center in Conway, Arkansas. AC played an integral role in securing this new account, in no small part due to the reputation of the Team he led at the Conway plant when it was a Kimberly-Clark manufacturing site.

New Holman General Managers
We also celebrate John Fitzgerald’s promotion to General Manager of the new Westrock operation and congratulate Brad Wyles, who was promoted to General Manager to fill AC’s position at the Kimberly-Clark facility in Maumelle. AC, John, and Brad each began their careers with Holman as professional lift truck drivers. Their journeys to leadership positions signal that hard work and dedication can unlock incredible opportunities with Holman.

Human Resources Is Now People Support
Last year, our Human Resources department became the Holman People Support organization. This change is not merely a name change. Instead, it reflects our commitment to consistency in managing Team Members across all of our locations and demonstrates how much we believe in teamwork, mutual support, and the importance of every individual. To find out more about this change, view the video after this article.

Keeping the Holman Team Safe
Safety Focus is always at the top of our list of Core Values. Our dedication to safety, headed by Matt Ireland, Director of EHS (Environmental Health & Safety), has led to the introduction in February of the Donesafe system, a cloud-based program designed to embed safety further into the fabric of our operations. We also celebrate 11 Team Members across our network who earned their OSHA 30-hour certification over the past year. We look forward to continuously improving our efforts to keep everyone safe and injury-free at work!

An Exciting 2024 Is Underway

New Horizons: Greenville, South Carolina and Beyond
The opening of our fifth distribution center for GE Appliances in Greenville represents a significant expansion and the promise of new opportunities. It is a testament to how much our partners trust us. We have the pleasure of relocating several Team Members from across the country to this new operation, and we also welcome back Mike Collins. Mike started in our Emporia, Kansas facility servicing Hill’s Pet Nutrition after which we promoted him to General Manager of the Colgate facility we operated for several years in Greenville. Now, Mike will be General Manager of this new GEA facility. Welcome back, Mike!

Holman Support Center Opening in Federal Way, Washington
Finally, April of this year will see the opening of our new Support Center, a hub for nurturing our Business Development, Marketing, IT, and People Support Teams. The Holman Support Center is an investment that allows us space to grow and provides additional resources that will better assist Holman Team Members across all locations. We’ll share more about the opening of the Support Center in an upcoming newsletter.

A Final Note of Gratitude
Let’s carry forward the momentum, dedication, and spirit of unity that define Holman Logistics. Here’s to a year of growth, safety, and celebrating 160 years of providing Extraordinary Service. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.


A Message from Brien

When people join the Holman organization, they learn that Holman is more than a Team – it is a family. It is a privilege to honor Team Members who have recently celebrated their first year with Holman. We also applaud those who’ve been with us for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years! In this issue, we recognize Team Members with anniversaries from October through December 2023. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

20 years

I am enjoying the new facility in Frederickson. Learning the IMS system was a challenge, but I just kept using it every day. I love that I get to start early in the morning and have time at night to do my extracurricular activities.

Tami Woodlee

Frederickson, WA

15 years

I love the relationships I have built over the years. This Team is my 2nd family! These last 15 years have been full of growth opportunities, and I will be forever grateful for those experiences.

Anthony Confredo

Frederickson, WA
The Holman Core Values have always aligned with mine. I feel like I have always worked at a company that has challenged me, and I feel like I’ll always be able to grow.

Mary Bradley

Maumelle, AR
I particularly enjoy the environment I get to work in where people genuinely care about each other. One of my favorite aspects of working at Holman is learning from those in senior positions and helping other Team Members.

Teresa Booth

Ontario, CA

10 years

Paula Dixon
Emporia, KS
Heath Leuschel
Perryville, MD
Sherry Epperson
Maumelle, AR
Mark Wild
Perryville, MD
Altin Frashni
Jacksonville, FL
Travis Eull
Maumelle, AR
Brandon Betts
Perryville, MD

5 years

  • Daniel Gieber 10/8/2018
  • Ruben Garcia 10/15/2018
  • Linda Robinson 11/26/2018
  • Luxene Laurent 12/3/2018

1 year

  • Braedyn Cooper 10/2/2022
  • Deacon Jenkins 10/2/2022
  • Jesus Solis 10/2/2022
  • Jessica Gribble 10/3/2022
  • Phillip Young 10/3/2022
  • Gary Liddell 10/3/2022
  • Marcus Gwyn 10/3/2022
  • William Wright 10/3/2022
  • William Gray 10/4/2022
  • Dominique Edwards 10/5/2022
  • Donald Carlson 10/5/2022
  • George Nyce 10/6/2022
  • Arsby McDaniel 10/9/2022
  • Lincoln Manning 10/10/2022
  • Cesareo Zuniga-Ibarra 10/12/2022
  • Dennis Polinsky 10/13/2022
  • Niki Taase 10/24/2022
  • Haley McClure 10/25/2022
  • Becky Espericueta 10/30/2022
  • Richard Hardwick 10/31/2022
  • Michael Sanders 10/31/2022
  • Jaihoon Attai 10/31/2022
  • Patricia Castro Livano 10/31/2022
  • Qurbanullah Zahir 10/31/2022
  • Arlito De la Cruz 10/31/2022
  • Mandi Kruckenberg 11/1/2022
  • Juan Arellano Aldea 11/3/2022
  • Louie Skrine 11/7/2022
  • Jose Angel Rodriguez Rodriguez 11/13/2022
  • Rene Guajardo Jr 11/13/2022
  • Crystal Moreno 11/13/2022
  • Peter Herrera 11/13/2022
  • Domanick Aguilar 11/14/2022
  • Althea Bedolla 11/14/2022
  • Selena Alvarado 11/16/2022
  • Chelsea Woods 11/28/2022
  • Ashley Medel 11/29/2022
  • Edelmy Espinales 12/5/2022
  • Jessie Unchangco 12/5/2022
  • Warren Carson 12/5/2022
  • Ernesto Ocampo Fernandez 12/5/2022
  • Irvin Cintro Riveria 12/11/2022
  • Forest Holder 12/14/2022
  • Marco Carvajal 12/19/2022
  • Ronald Collins 12/19/2022
  • Gerard Doiron 12/26/2022
  • Calvin Carter 12/29/2022


We Focus on Operational Safety
We Help Each Other to Be Better
We Show Respect to All
We Serve Others
We Deliver an Extraordinary Service Experience

The Holman Team excels at putting our Core Values into action in the workplace. Congratulations to recent Behavior Observations drawing winners!

Behavior Observations


1st place – Yareli Morales (Ontario, CA)
2nd place – James Smith (Richmond, IN)
3rd place – Mark Blain (Frederickson, WA)


1st place – Doug Whiley (Jacksonville, FL)
2nd place – Michael Hutchinson (Auburn, WA)
3rd place – James Brimmage (Frederickson, WA)


1st place – Jose Cruz (Pooler, GA)
2nd place – Sharon Bothwell (MidSouth, AR)
3rd place – Octavia Redd (Maumelle, AR)

Behavior Observations October 1st place winner Yareli Morales.
Doug Whitley, the 1st place Behavior Observations winner for November.
Paul Santamauro, General Manager at Frederickson, Washington, congratulates November 2nd place winner Michael Hutchinson.
Behavior Observations December 2nd place winner Sharon Bothwell.

A Milestone Move to a ‘Phenomenal’ New Location

By Holman News Reporter Thomas Gresham

John Fredricks, Vice President of Operations

The year 2023 is history, but the Holman Teams in the Pacific NW wanted to share a story that Teams from other parts of the country may not know much about. So with the help of Jeremy Thompson, Director of Operations, and John Fredricks, Vice-President of Operations, the Holman News Team took a look back at what was required to relocate operations from facilities in Kent, Washington, to a new, state-of-the-art warehouse in Frederickson, Washington.

When Holman moved the bulk of its warehousing and distribution operations from Kent, it marked a milestone not only for the company but for the Team Members who managed the complex operation. For many, the project would be the largest, most consuming one of their careers. “For the people that executed this, it’s the kind of achievement you mark your career on and never forget,” said Thompson.

Between April 1 and June 16, 2023, Holman moved 50 accounts and 30,000 pallets – equating to 1,300 truckloads – approximately 25 miles from Kent to Frederickson. “Our goals were a seamless transition for the customers, retention of our teammates, and an injury- and accident-free relocation,” said Fredricks.

Over the course of that two-and-a-half months, Holman moved 20 truckloads each weekday and 40 each Saturday. “Without fail, we hit those goals every day,” Fredricks said. “Our transportation Team played a key role in ensuring that those loads were moved even with the normal business volume they were moving daily.”

Not all clients made the move. Holman strategically resigned a small piece of business since the new facility’s capacity of 350,000 square feet is less than Kent’s combined capacity. In addition, Holman moved several accounts that did not want to move south of Kent to a location north of town and moved a small group of customers who rely on rail – the Frederickson facility does not have rail access – to a smaller building at the Kent site.

Jeremy Thompson, Director of Operations

“One of the biggest logistical challenges was making sure none of our customers missed any of their commitments,” Thompson said. “We had to pick orders in advance and ship out of Kent while transferring product to Frederickson – all while maintaining constant communication between Teams so that we never shut down operations. It was quite a feat. Every day had a different set of challenges.”

The Holman Team worked six days a week every week during the move. Scheduling each customer’s move required precision planning – not just to move everything but also to hit the ground running in Frederickson so that customers saw no difference in service. Another overriding focus was ensuring no injuries occurred. “It needed to be seamless for the customer,” Fredricks said, “with no delays in order fulfillment or unloading of inbound shipments.”

In addition, Fredricks said Holman worked with Team Members to ensure they were happy with their new locations. “We wanted to accommodate and retain the Team to the best of our abilities.”

With the move completed, Fredricks said the advantages of the new facility are clear. “We have a flagship location,” Fredricks said. “It’s cross-loaded, so we’ve got dock doors on both the north and the south of the building. We’ve got 100 spots for empty or full trailers to be spotted off of the dock doors in the yard. We’ve got 15,000 racking locations and a fully fenced, secure yard. There’s ample room to maneuver and stage inbound and outbound loads. The Team is as productive as ever just a few months in. We’re certainly in a facility we’re all proud of.”

Fredricks said the satisfaction that Holman Team Members feel about the move was obvious during an open house and barbecue in October of last year that drew a large crowd. “The pride on everybody’s faces and their desire to show their families the facility and show them what they do was obvious,” Fredricks said.

Fortified by the experience of the move, Thompson thinks the Team is stronger than ever. “We’ve opened new buildings, but we’ve never done anything of this magnitude,” Thompson said. “A lot of people had been in those Kent buildings for 20-plus years. It was an emotional change as much as a physical one. I’m just so proud of what our Team has done.”

The new building's exterior receives its finishing touches.
Holman President Brien Downie and Team Member Anthony Confredo observe Holman trucks moving freight in and out of the new Frederickson facility.
The Frederickson facility includes energy-efficient LED lighting.

Holiday Celebrations around the Network

Wherever they are located, Holman Team Members know how to celebrate the holidays! Below are only a few of the great photos from October-December, 2023.

Holman Team Member Nancy Hardin (center) stands with two costumed Kimberly-Clark associates at the Maumelle, Arkansas Halloween candy give-away.
Adriana Alvarez of the Ontario, California location enjoys the Christmas celebration in spite of her Grinchy sweater.
The Commerce, Georgia Team celebrated its veterans on Veterans Day. First Row: Nicole Daye, Steven Oberlander, and Marcello Glenn. Second Row: Richie Kopt, Dennis Roney, and Brandon Clark.
Joel Perez, Carl Taves, Sam Rubio, and Guy McFadden help serve the Commerce, Georgia holiday luncheon.
Maumelle, Arkansas Safety Coordinator Shonta Dobbins stands next to the cut out photo of her that was used in a high traffic zone to remind lift drivers of safety.
Additional Commerce veterans--Front row: Cory Parker, Rayshawn Moore, Art Sykes, and Hoyt Anderson. Second row: Larrika McCord, Danny Whitlock, and Antonio Reid.
Ontario, California Team Members Teresa Maria Mireles, Yuneida Perez, Veronica Caro, Jessica Letona, Samuel Armenta, and Alejandro Correa pose near the Christmas tree.
Ontario Team Members Samuel Armenta and Yuneida Perez pose with "photo bombs" by Alejandro Correa and Jessica Letona.
Holman General Manager Adrian Conley helps serve delicious desserts with Kimberly-Clark General Manager Chris Boudrie in Conway, Arkansas.
Team Member Manuel Celaya samples a holiday donut in Ontario.

Additional Announcements

John Fitzgerald holds his signed goodbye gift from his teammates. After 20 years at Maumelle, Arkansas, he is leaving that location to become the General Manager of the new Westrock facility in Conway.


Matt Ireland, Director of EHS

2023 Safety Year-In-Review

I’ve often heard this phrase throughout my life: “Progress is not linear.” Meaning: as we make positive changes in our lives, our growth doesn’t happen at a straight, consistent pace. No one loses the same amount of weight each week when they’re trying to become healthier; there are going to be variations throughout the process, but that’s a good thing! Last year, our Safety programs and initiatives also experienced ups and downs, but make no mistake, we made some GREAT Safety progress. So without further ado, here’s our 2023 Safety Year-in-Review, by the numbers…

Toolbox Topics
4038 rosters, an average of 77.6 per week

We began 2023 with an 88% compliance rate for our Toolbox Topics program, which is below our target of 90% or more each week. As the year progressed, we dipped down to a low of 85%. I then made some changes to how often I communicate with each site; now, every location has a monthly collaboration where we talk about any safety issues and discuss current Safety performance. As a result, we finished 2023 strong – carrying 94% Team compliance rate into 2024!

Behavior Observations
9802 Behavior Observations, an average of 817 per month

The Behavior Observation program remained robust throughout the year. Breaking the totals down, we performed a Behavior Observation on each Holman Team Member every 50 days. That’s an incredible statistic, one that I have never heard another organization be able to say. Of course, there is always room for improvement. We can work on making our behavior observations more helpful by ensuring we are providing descriptive comments that detail what you observed.

Site Safety Inspections
76 quarterly or annual Site Safety Inspections with 230 deficiencies discovered and addressed

Nearly every quarter, we find more deficiencies and take the steps necessary to correct them. The pictures and other documentation have greatly improved, too! In 2024, let’s concentrate on looking at our facilities with a critical eye – what can we physically improve that will reduce our chances of injury?

Collisions and Property Damage Incidents
A significant uptick in these incidents vs. 2022

In total:

• 232 minor incidents ($0 – $100)
• 67 medium ($101 – $1000)
• 45 major ($1001 +)

54 first aid cases and 37 recordable injuries

Our opportunity for the most impactful Safety improvement in 2024 is in this category. Many of the injuries we saw were easily preventable – someone wasn’t wearing the correct PPE or wasn’t looking in the direction of travel or was lifting items using poor ergonomics. All of us must do our part to reduce injuries; we cannot take shortcuts and expect to do so indefinitely without being hurt. Eventually, our luck will run out. In 2024, we need to concentrate on following processes without shortcuts: operating equipment as we were trained to do, wearing the correct PPE for the task, and using only approved cutting tools correctly and with the right gloves. If live our Core Values this year – particularly, Safety Focus – we will see a reduction in injuries in 2024.

2023 Was a Great Year

We saw many improvements in compliance with our Safety programs. We can and should still do better, but that’s okay. Progress is not linear. We can celebrate strengths even as we also embrace opportunities for improvement.

If I can help any of you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Together, we can safely progress further in 2024 – let’s make this year one that we and our families can remember as a great year for Safety!

After completing her OSHA 30-hour certificate, Amy Fehd from the Frederickson, Washington location has completed additional safety training including the AIB Food Safety and Sanitation Course. Her efforts have been noticed by both Holman Management and the customer, Kerry Group.
Chase Miller receives a Safety Award from Commerce, Georgia General Manager Ed Weatherman.
Logan Jessup won a safety award at the Maumelle, Arkansas location.