Safety & Sustainability

Holman Occupational Safety and Health Statement
We have many priorities in our facilities, but safety is the first consideration before performing any job. The safety and well-being of our Team is one of the Holman Core Values.

Dedication to Safety

Our efforts are directed at developing processes and systems that prove our commitment to the safety and health of our associates.

  • 100% Team participation in our safety process is a requirement in order to build a personal commitment to the well-being of our Team.
  • We ensure all operations are in 100% compliance with all state and federal regulatory laws.
  • We empower all Team Members with the authority and responsibility to stop an operation if a task cannot be completed safely.
  • Holman operations have an impeccable safety rating, demonstrated by an average OSHA recordable rate of less than 1.7 for the past 5 years.

Environment & Sustainability

Holman is committed to being a good steward of natural resources and to reducing our environmental footprint whenever possible. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and other forms of pollution throughout our operations. We have been named an Inbound Logistics Magazine Green Supply Chain Partner for two years in a row.

Energy Savings, Emission Reduction, and Utility Maximization

  • We utilize electric lifts which produce zero emissions whenever possible.
  • In Holman-owned locations, we have implemented low-wattage, high-lumen output bulbs.  
  • Lighting in our distribution locations uses motion-sensors with automatic shutoff to eliminate unnecessary energy usage.

Recycling Program

Holman is committed to recycling all possible materials.

  • Recycled cardboard cartons and paper are used in our facility offices.
  • We deflate/reuse all freight airbags whenever possible and recycle when airbags have reached end-of-life.
  • Hard-compound lift-truck tires are recycled.
  • All damaged wood pallets are repaired or recycled.
  • We prioritize the use of compostable/recyclable utensils, plates, and cups at all lunch and break facilities.

Paperwork Reduction

  • The Holman WMS system allows electronic signatures, eliminating the need to print bills of lading, streamlining operations and improving productivity.
  • Office automation – Holman developed a proprietary digital yard management system (YMS) for repetitive paper-based activities like yard checks, trailer inspections, etc.