In the ongoing quest to simplify and perfect the supply chain, Holman offers complete order fulfillment services. Shipments may be sent via FedEx, UPS, or delivered and installed right at the end-user's location. Not only can Holman seamlessly integrate clients' and Holman's order fulfillment systems, but Holman can also design and host a fully functional eCommerce website tailored specifically for each client. If you are late in entering the Internet revolution, then partner with Holman today and your company can be a fully operational eCommerce competitor within months. 


Order Fulfillment Features

  • Seamless communication between client and Holman system
  • Customized packaging
  • Customized delivery
    • Installation, etc.
  • eCommerce 
    • Integration
    • Design
    • Hosting


Order Fulfillment Advantages

  • Increase accuracy
  • Expand your customer base by entering the eCommerce market
  • Simplify the supply chain & cut unnecessary costs

For more information about our order fulfillment services, contact us today.