Check out our ad in Inbound Logistics

Holman Distribution is advertising!  With a full-page ad in this month's issue of Inbound Logistics, we're highlighting the fact that we've won the coveted Distribution Center of the Year award from General Electric every year for the past 5 years straight.   All of our GE facilities have won at least one of the awards; so you know it's our entire network that's performing!  Check out our ad on page 24.

While we may not have been selected for Inbound Logistics' list of the "Top 100 3PL" companies for 2015, don't let our competitors know that... they may not appreciate being beat by the (not-so) little guy from Seattle!  Watch out, big players in 3PL, we're gunning for you. 

Check out Inbound Logistics Annual 3PL 2015 Issue here